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In recent times, growth in Pre-Schools have helped our children in all round development. But the issues faced by the established owners of pre-schools, aspiring members wanting to open a pre-school, teachers and parents, remain the same, resulting in not very satisfying outputs. It is therefore very important to plan carefully from the word go. Successful planning in terms of acquiring and doing up the right property, staff recruitment, designing the curriculum, marketing the pre-school, handling inquiries and converting them into admissions, training the staff, orienting the parents and most importantly consistancy in maintaining the quality... Well, the list is endless.The formative years of a child are very critical. Whatever the child learns during these years, decides his/her growth and performance. At Roots, we provide pre-school consultancy, for new and aspiring members wanting to start their own pre-schools and also to existing and established members in their ongoing tasks. We also assist with need based trainings to pre-primary teachers and parents to help them to ensure the best performance and make sure that they receive the best trainings and counselling possible

Our Training Programmes

Setting up a pre-school
Marketing guidelines
Guidelines on handling inquiries
Training teachers
Conducting parent orientation programmes
Parental workshops
Counselling parents and children
Organizing events
Online Training

Online Training

During the course of training, we noticed that, most preschools want their teachers to participate in the training, but the teachers are generally busy with planning and preparing their daily routine in the classrooms. By all means they do not want to go through and attend the tiring session of training after a hectic week. And thus they want quick and inexpensive training that meet their requirements.

Our online training is in the form of different modules and levels. Once you register with us, the content of these modules are mailed to you with Simulator exercise to test your learning. You are expected to participate by commenting with your thoughts and response. You can even mail us your own questions. It may seem a little difficult to start initially, but it keeps you involved.

Anyone who is willing to learn more and grow in this field, and who is not afraid to require MORE training than what is required can participate.

Remember, your teaching quality will only be as good as your quality growth. We will help you to learn about growth and development in pre-schooler through this online training

For School

Pre-school has become the most essential requirement in the growth of education of the children in today's time. If you are planning to set up a pre-school , we are here to guide you with your requirements to set up your pre-school. There are quite a few 'must do' that you need to keep in mind right from the beginning. Selecting the right property, planning the budget, the right plan, stationary, fee structure, recruitments, trainings, brand awareness... to name a few. We at Roots, can help you at every step right from the beginning, to ensure that you are heading towards the right direction, and you will definitely not regret your idea.

Parents have a lot of expectations when they decide to enroll their child in a pre-school. For them it is the first step towards raising their child into a capable human being. It is extremely important for a pre-school to make the parents aware of their mode of functioning. We at Roots, are committed towards preparing the coordinator for the formal training that can help her converting inquiries into admissions. It is very important for the coordinator to know the needs of the parents so that she can satisfy all their queries and help them taking the right decision towards admitting the child in her pre-school. This can be through school tour, talking to the parents and many more ways.

The most important years of learning begin at birth. During these early years humans are capable of absorbing more information than later. Therefore, good quality teachers have a long term effect. Teachers who want to teach children, should be trained in all the aspects of developmental domains of children. Teaching at this level without a professional training is not desirable. At Roots, we believe that it is important to constantly train teachers with new teaching techniques and development. We are committed to provide professional developmental training for teachers.

Development of child's skills, largely depends on the quality and experiences in pre-school. It can make a lot of difference in the growth of a child. Studies have suggested that children who go to pre-schools can do better academically, compared to children who go straight to kindergarten. Pre-school programmes depend upon quality and environment. Therefore taking correct measures to improve the quality and offer the right environment to children is extremely necessary. We are a team of committed professionals to guide you in every step to improve your pre-school not only to safeguard the interest of your school, but to help you understand your children better and give them a warm environment.

For Parents

Parent Orientation Programmes

Before the pre-school session begins, it is important to organize Parent Orientation Programmes, where you can hand out the information about your goals for your students, along with school rules and policies, and where parents can visit the child's classroom and meet the teachers. We can help you organizing and conducting Parent Orientation Programes and have a wonderful start

Parental Workshops

Parental Workshops help parents strengthen their bond with their children and encourage them to develop self-love, responsibility and self esteem. At Roots, each workshop is designed for parents to suit their needs . We are sure that the parents will leave our workshops with new lessons and experience.

Parent Counselling

It is observed that parents today, feel dragged down with the demands of parenting their pre-schooler. It is more of a struggle than fun and satisfaction. Some parents have troubles enjoying and bonding with their new born, which may result in a great deal of stress. Parenting a child below the age of 5 is probably a big task for the parents. The joy of being parents can turn into frustration. At Roots, parent and child counselling can help you balance parenthood with other family and career responsibilities.


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